Sarah Stanciu, VP of Mortgage Lending

Sarah Stanciu graduated from Beloit College with a B.A in Psychology and Law. During college, she worked directly with families suffering from child abuse, drug addiction, and homelessness. She postured to attend law school for the Practice and Services in the Foster Care System. One of the common themes which continues to resonate from her experience, is the cycle and breeding of utter poverty. “It still amazes me how we can have children and parents living in this country without the most basic essentials of food, proper clothing, and a suitable living space. The absence of such needs often inadvertently creates addiction, abuse, and depression from which I was helping families heal”. Deciding to forgo attending law school Stanciu landed in the mortgage business. This field has allowed her to attack one of the roots of poverty, and become a leader in providing opportunities for consumers to obtain one of the most essential purchases a family can make in an effort to set their children up for a healthy and successful future; a home. “Owning a home, to me represents a sense of financial security which can often break the cycle of poverty”. 

Sarah started as a Sales Assistant to a team of top mortgage loan originators where she worked directly with clients seeking the dream of home ownership. Four years later, she went from reviewing, analyzing and clearing loan approvals for hundreds of families across the country to having an in depth understanding of the home loans process and the ability to qualify and complete the process for mortgage loans of all types. Having a very patient, empathetic nature, and experience with people of all backgrounds; Sarah understands that obtaining a home is one of the most personal and valuable aspects to living the American dream. Her training and experience provides her the unique skillset to listen, inform, and assist her clients with all options available so that together they can select the best home loan that will set them up for success and prosperity. 

In her spare time, Sarah enjoys spending time with her 15 siblings and 2 nephews, painting/attending art classes, listening to a wide range of music, watching movies, and cooking a wide variety of cultural dishes. 

Sarah Stanciu
VP of Mortgage Lending
NMLS# 1283047

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